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The acceptable dress code for Hali is smart casual. We request that our Members and guests are clean, neat and tidy in appearance at all times. Mounties reserves the right to refuse entry to any individual that is considered inappropriate dressed and/or not adhereing to our outlined dress code standards.

Patrons wearing obscene or offensive language on their clothing will not be permitted entry to any Mounties Group venue.

The following dress code applies to all Mounties Members and patrons:

  • Football shorts or short shorts
  • Training apparel
  • Untidiness, faded or frayed clothing
  • Bare feet
  • Baseball caps
  • Rubber thongs
  • Singlets
  • Hats
  • Bike shorts
  • Swimwear
  • Bare midriff suntop
  • Work overalls
  • Leotards
  • Offensive T-shirts
  • Torn or untidy tracksuits
  • Torn or rupped jeans/clothing
  • Motorcycle Club Colours